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Run South-West: Litton Lakes Route

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

A 5 mile off-road loop starting in Hinton Blewett and running through fields and trails around the Litton Reservoirs.

Starting Point

This loop starts and finishes in the village of Hinton Blewett. There is no public transport here but there is a small amount of car parking available. Importantly there is a pub (Ring O' Bells) at the start/finish!

Details for this route can be found here. You can download the GPX file to follow the route directly from your watch.

This route mainly features fields with a few trails around the lake and a small section of quiet road. The route can become very muddy in the winter. Trail shoes are recommended and if walking then wellies or walking boots are best!

Mile 1

The route starts from Hinton Blewett Barbary (the small green in front of the pub). Head down Litton Lane which is the lane opposite the pub sloping downhill.

The road passes over a small stream and then on the right there is a gate leading into a field.

Pass through the gate and follow the footpath across the next two fields. You will then reach some farm buildings. Walk through the farm buildings, pass through the next gate and follow the footpath sharply left.

The footpath continues straight ahead before veering right across the next few fields. Continue following the footpath signs across these fields until you eventually come out onto a road - this is Hook Lane.

Mile 2

Turn left onto Hook Lane and continue until the lane makes a sharp turn. At this point you will see two footpaths - one straight ahead, the other to the right heading into a field. Take the footpath on the right passing through a gate.

Once you pass through the gate you will be in a steep open field. Continue ahead downhill through the field. The footpath will eventually join the path that runs alongside Litton Lakes.

Mile 3

Once on the path take a left and run uphill alongside the lower lake (the lake is on your right). At the top of the incline take a right along the bank between the upper and lower lakes. There is a metal bridge at the end and then you will be on a trail.

Follow this trail steeply downhill as it runs alongside the lower lake and wraps around to the left. At the end of the trail take a left and to follow a path between some houses. This will lead out onto a road. Turn left to run along Whitehouse Lane.

Mile 4

After about half a mile on Whitehouse Lane there will be footpath signs on the left that lead back into the lakes. Continue very slightly further and take the path that heads into a field just past the lakes.

Run up the field towards the wooden stile that is at the top of the field on the right. Pass over this stile and continue along the path, which crosses over a driveway. Once you have passed across the driveway you will be in another open field with a white house ahead. There are a few footpaths here - take the middle footpath that heads uphill and passes in front of the white house. Continue following the path until it reaches a lane - Litton Lane. Cross directly over the lane and the footpath continues straight opposite.

Mile 5

Having crossed Litton Lane and continued on the footpath, continue running across the fields ahead with the path leading slightly downhill. The path will eventually meet a bridleway called Hollow Marsh Lane. Turn left on the bridleway.

It will be very flat to begin with but then the bridleway turns sharply left and becomes very steep (up to a 20% gradient). Continue on the bridleway until it joins the road - Litton Lane. Once back on Litton Lane turn right and this will take you back to the starting point.

This is a lovely route to run or walk, especially on a sunny day. The course has a total elevation of 476ft over 5 miles. The course is undulating and can be challenging in bad weather as much of the route can be muddy. The steepest climb is right at the end and this can be particularly tough if there is mud!

Always run safely - let somebody know where you are and choose a safe time of day to run. For more route inspiration follow me on Strava and on instagram. Happy running!

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