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Morzine Trails: The best trails to hike or run in Morzine

Although most popular for skiing and mountain biking, Morzine is also a great place to enjoy on foot in the Spring and Summer months. Here's a guide to some of my favourite routes in Morzine and the surrounding area.

Montriond Lake

This route starts and finishes in Morzine centre. It follows the river and then woodland trails until it reaches Montriond Lake. The route then follows the path that runs around the lake before heading back to Montriond via more technical trails and then joining the river to head back to Morzine. This route can be easily shortened by cutting out the 2 mile loop around the lake.

Distance: 8.1miles/13.0km

Elevation: 935ft/285m

Find the route details here or the GPX file can be downloaded below.

Morzine_ Montriond Lake Loop
Download GPX • 37KB


This is a steep route! The route begins and ends in Morzine centre. It begins by following wide trails alongside the river for the first mile. The route then heads uphill towards Point de Nyon before a steep downhill to Lac de Nyon (pictured). The route then continues on a more gentle descent back to the river and returns to Morzine along the same path.

Distance: 9.5miles/15.3km

Elevation: 3421ft/1043m

This route can be found here or the GPX file is available to download below.

Morzine_ Nyon Loop
Download GPX • 65KB


This route uses the Pleney lift from Morzine centre. You can get a one-way ticket for 6 euros (although it is also possible to hike to the top of the lift and make this route longer).

At the top of the Pleney lift the route follows wide trails across the mountain, the whole route is non-technical and fairly easy to run. Just over 7 miles in, the route passes through Les Gets. This is a good opportunity to stop for food and drink if needed.

After Les Gets the route follows the main road for a short period before turning left onto 'Chemin de la Liberte'. From here trails lead back to Morzine, with the final mile along the river back into the centre.

Distance: 13.4 miles/21.6km


The route can be found here or the GPX file can be downloaded below.

Morzine_ Pleney Loop
Download GPX • 71KB


This route is a relatively flat route so if you're looking for an easier day this might be a good option. It is a circular route from Taninges, which is a 25 minute drive from Morzine. There is free parking at the start of the route and importantly, good bakery options! I'd recommend Boulangerie Patisserie Tiffanie.

The route has a steep start through a residential area before following flatter trails through a beautiful woodland. The route then heads to Lac de Flerier and along a river before weaving back through town to the starting point.

Distance: 5.2 miles/8.4km

Elevation: 659ft/200m

Find the route details here or the GPX file can be downloaded below.

Morzine_ Taninges Loop
Download GPX • 25KB

Saint Jean D'Aulps

This is another route outside of Morzine. It is a circular route beginning and ending in Saint Jean D'Aulps, a ten minute drive from Morzine. Again, there is a free car park.

This route is very cool, heading up through small mountain pastures (Alpage) to 'Lacs de Damoz des Moulins'. From there, head right and follow the path as it climbs higher above the lake, before traversing across the mountain towards Brion. The route then heads very steeply downhill, eventually returning to Mont d'Evian.

This route feels extremely rural but the trails are well marked and easy to follow.

This route can be found here and the GPX file is below.

Distance: 5.7 miles/9.2km

Elevation: 2314ft/705m

Morzine_ Saint Jean d’Aulps Loop
Download GPX • 34KB

Morzine is a great place for trail running or hiking and there are signs everywhere which makes routes really easy to follow. If you're visiting at the end of the summer, be aware of the hunting season which begins in September. More information can be found at Chasseco.

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