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Run Lanzarote: Exploring the island's best trails

Lanzarote is an amazing place for sport whether it's walking, running, cycling or swimming. The island has a lot to offer for lovers of the outdoors and is an excellent destination for those seeking winter sun. Here is a guide of some areas to explore on foot!

Caldera Blanca

Caldera Blanca is the largest volcanic crater on the island of Lanzarote. There are rocky volcanic trails leading up and around the crater edge with views looking out across the island. This is a bit of a tourist hotspot but the views are hard to beat so it's still worth a visit to hike or run. I'd recommend an early arrival.

A route to follow can be found here. This is a six mile circular route starting and finishing at the car park. There are additional trails leading up to other surrounding craters and peaks so it is very easy to add in some extra miles if wished.

The trails are open and easy to follow but some sections are relatively rocky so sturdy trail shoes (or walking boots if hiking) would be most appropriate.


Haría is a small village in North Lanzarote with lots to offer including beautiful trails for running and coffee shops to refuel at afterwards!

A 12 mile route can be found here. It begins and ends at a carpark in the village of Haría and some key highlights include the trails through the El Bosquecillo gardens and the views over Playa de Famara towards the end of the route. There are some points along the route where the trail can be difficult to spot but if you use the GPX file you should eventually find the correct trail to follow. Be aware that there's not really anywhere on route to top up on water or snacks so make sure to prepare appropriately especially due to the hot climate!

This route is taken from the Haría Titan race series. This is a trail race event offering distances of 14km, 21km or 40km. I haven't competed in the race (yet!) but more information about the event can be found here.


This route starts from Playa de Famara in the North of the island. The sandy beach attracts many surfers and the nearby village, La Caleta de Famara, offers many restaurants and cafes.

The 8-mile route can be found here. The route starts with a steep rocky climb towards Peñas del Chache - the highest point on the island. There are stunning views back towards the beach and the rocky climb is both challenging and exciting - it might be difficult to run this section but the climb will certainly get your heart rate up! Once at the top the trail follows along the ridge-line towards the Ermita de Las Nieves chapel and lookout point. The route then gradually descends along an open road before returning to sandy trails that head back down towards the beach.

Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise is one of the beach resort towns in Lanzarote and although it might not be the most obvious place to seek out trails there are lots of small trails scattered across the beach resort which can be linked up to create a nice running route. There is a six mile route that can be followed here. This route begins by running alongside the beach (there are wide running paths but of course it can be busy with tourists during peak time) before weaving more inland along the sandy trails lined with stones.

I hope this information was useful and you can enjoy some of the beautiful routes I've shared. If you want to plan your own routes then check out my guide here! Happy Running!

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