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Run North Downs: Knockholt to Chipstead Lake Route

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

An 11 mile loop that begins by following the North Downs Way to Chipstead Lake and then loops back on the SR103 & SR100 trail.

Starting Point

This loop starts and finishes in Knockholt.

Details for this route can be found here and you can download the GPX file to follow the route directly from your watch.

This route is a mixture of trails, fields and country lanes.

Miles 1 - 3

The first mile follows the North Downs Way through Coopers Wood. The route then follows a steep trail down through Ashfield Wood before opening up into a large field. Continue to follow the trail which will eventually lead onto a country lane. Stay on this country lane as it heads towards Chipstead.

Miles 4 - 5

This is the best bit of the route, especially on a warm summers evening!

Once in Chipstead follow the trail as it wraps around the beautiful Chipstead Lake. This is a perfect spot to take a break and there are lots of steps down off the trail towards the water with areas to relax at the waters edge. You can visit this link if you want to find out more about swimming here.

Once you're finished at the lake the trail heads across the fields before joining onto Mill Road.

Mile 5 - 7

Run along Mill Road, cross the main road and join the SR103 trail and then the SR100 trail. These paths are well marked with footpath signs and run along the edge of the fields in this area. These trails are non-technical.

Mile 8

Mile 8 is tough! Prepare for a scramble. The route reaches Polhill Bank Nature Reserve and the route follows a steep path all the way up to the top. Luckily, when you reach the top there's a well placed bench ready for you to admire the view out across all the fields below.

Mile 9 - 11

The next part of the route follows a trail through Broomfield Wood, eventually coming out at Harrow Road. Take a left onto Chevening Lane before rejoining the start of the route for the last mile. Follow the North Downs Way back the way you came to reach the end of this loop.

This route is a beautiful run featuring trails, fields, woodland and quiet lanes. The course has a total elevation of 860ft over 11 miles, largely due to a steep incline up Polhill Bank at mile 8. Otherwise the route is relatively flat and easy on the legs.

Always run safely - let somebody know where you are and choose a safe time of day to run. For more route inspiration follow me on Strava and on instagram. Happy running! #happylegshappymind

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