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Run North Cornwall: Padstow Route

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

A 7 mile loop that begins in Padstow and follows country lanes and footpaths through fields to Trevone Bay and then returns along stunning coastal paths back to Padstow.

Starting Point

This route starts in Padstow on Tregirls Lane in front of Prideaux Place. There are a few car parks in Padstow which are a short walk away from the starting point.

Details for this route can be found here and you can download the GPX file to follow the route directly from your watch. The route features country lanes, footpaths and coastal paths. The paths are well-marked and not technical or steep but trail shoes are preferable.

Mile 1

The route starts in front of Prideaux Place. Follow the road up past Prideaux Place, there should be a field of deer on your right and Prideaux Place on the your left. Keep on Tregirls Lane for around a third of a mile. There will then be a footpath sign on your left. Hop over the stile and follow the footpaths across the next couple of fields. These footpaths all head directly across to the next stile into the next field so are easy to follow.

At the end of this first mile you will reach a small hamlet called Crugmeer.

Mile 2

When you reach the road in Crugmeer take a right and then an immediate left. Follow this open country lane downhill. The road is surrounded by fields either side and the coast is out to your right. You will eventually pass a farm on your left and the road bends sharply to the left just after this. Continue following the road until you reach Trevone Bay.

Mile 3

With Trevone Bay and the beach directly in front of you, take the coastal path on your right. The coastal path follows along the edge of the beach before continuing up and onwards towards the headland. There's a little bit of climbing during this mile. Continue following the coastal path as it hugs the shoreline.

Miles 4 - 5

This section follows the coastal path around the next headland. There are lots of scenic spots along this section perfect for photo opportunities, including Stepper Point. As you run around the headland you will eventually turn and start running back in the direction of Padstow. Here you will have excellent views of the River Camel which is often filled with boats.

You will also reach Hawker's Cove which is where the first photo on this page with the coastal cottages was taken.

Miles 6 - 7

Just past Hawker's Cove, at the start of mile five, you will reach a beach. The path does not run along the beach and instead sends you through a small section of woodland trails behind the beach. The trail then rejoins the coastal path at the end of the beach and you continue to follow this route along the coastline until you reach the War Memorial just before Padstow.

At the War Memorial there are a few paths leading into Padstow and it can become very busy. Take a sharp right onto a higher path that leads directly across some fields back to Prudeaux Place, this will enable you to miss out the hustle and bustle of Padstow.

This is a really beautiful loop that features a mix of coastal paths and countryside footpaths. The paths are all well-marked and non-technical. The course has a total elevation of 724ft and the elevation profile is below:

Always run safely - let somebody know where you are and choose a safe time of day to run. For more route inspiration follow me on Strava and on instagram. Happy running! #happylegshappymind

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