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Run North Cornwall: Constantine Bay Route

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

A 4 mile loop that begins by running down to the sand dunes of Constantine Bay and then follows coastal paths and trails around the headland.

Starting Point

This loop starts and finishes near Trevose Golf & Country Club. There's a small car park near Constantine Bay at the start of the loop as well as a National Trust Car Park on the headland.

Details for this route can be found here and you can download the GPX file to follow the route directly from your watch.

This route is a largely made up of coastal paths but also features a small section of beach running and some footpaths. Trail shoes are advisable but the route is non-technical so road shoes would also be okay in the summer.

Mile 1

The route starts by following a footpath which runs down the edge of the golf club towards Constantine Bay. The footpath is marked with a sign saying 'To the Coastpath'. The footpath is lined by trees either side and is easy to follow. It will eventually lead to sandy dunes at the top of Constantine Bay.

Once on the beach head right and run across the sands towards the steps at the end of the beach. Follow these steps up and you will now be on the coastal path. Follow this path towards Booby's Bay.

Mile 2

The second mile follows the coastal path from Booby's Bay around the headland.

This route isn't hilly overall but the elevation is all within this second mile. The coastal path leads uphill along non-technical trails. There is around 200ft of elevation gain in this section. The trails are easy to follow but can be quite narrow in parts.

When you reach a car park cut across it and take the road that leads down towards the lighthouse. There are a few trails leading up the grassy mound to the right. Take one of these trails (the upper and lower trails lead to the same place) and continue along the trail as it follows the coastline.

Mile 3

This mile continues on the coastal path, following the headland towards Mother Ivey's Bay. Make sure to follow the trail out towards the bench that sits on the edge of the cliff (don't worry - its not actually on the edge!). This is a perfect spot to take a break and enjoy the view. Looking towards the right you will see Mother Ivey's Bay.

The coastal path then continues until it meets a road. Continue straight across the road and follow the next path as it heads downhill and reaches Mother Ivey's Bay.

Mile 4

This final stretch takes you from Mother Ivey's Bay back to the golf course.

When you reach an opening to the bay (there will be steps down to the beach on your left) take a right turn to leave the coastal path. Follow this road until it reaches a lane and turn left here. Shortly after joining this lane there is a footpath on the right side. It runs adjacent to the road and can be easy to miss. Follow this footpath. It will lead to the back of a small car park, continue straight ahead and you will join the golf course trails. Follow the footpath that runs through the golf course slightly to the right and you'll end up back at the starting point. Beware of golf balls!

This is a really enjoyable route - the trails are well marked and it's pretty flat for a coastal run. On a clear sunny day the views are hard to beat. The course has a total elevation of 345ft and the elevation profile is below:

Always run safely - let somebody know where you are and choose a safe time of day to run. For more route inspiration follow me on Strava and on instagram. Happy running! #happylegshappymind

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