Before the Run

Virtual run coaching

Virtual coaching enables you to have a running coach at the end of the phone or via email.


This virtual coaching program will provide you with a tailored training plan that is reviewed regularly to ensure the plan is adapted around work commitments, social events and injuries.


Goals, motivations and barriers will be explored and questions around race preparation, training sessions and appropriate kit will be answered. 


I started working with Amy with some fairly ambitious goals in mind with no idea where to start. I had a goal to be able to run an ultramarathon, and wanted to work with someone who had experience in it but also found the enjoyment of running important, not just the speed. Amy has been able to take a holistic approach to helping me train. We constantly calibrate around work, goals, a hectic work schedule, but most importantly around my mental strength. After experiencing a series of unfortunate life events, I felt like giving up, but Amy managed to get me back on track. I've not only noticed improvements in my speed, but also just finding true joy in running and really enjoying the journey. Amy has been key in doing this. I've gently told her that the only way she stops coaching me, is when my knees fall off! Would highly recommend her to anyone starting or wanting to make progress in their ultra journey! 

Mridula Iyer