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Virtual run coaching

Virtual coaching enables you to have a personalised running program delivered directly to your phone and running watch. 


The virtual coaching program is delivered via the app, FinalSurge, and is reviewed regularly to allow adaptations around work commitments, social events and injury.

You will also receive regular feedback on your running sessions and have a monthly check-in call to review your progress.

This is at a cost of £89 per month. 

“Working with Amy is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The quality of coaching was outstanding which really made my running improve. I worked with Amy to get me ready for my first marathon and she really did everything she could to get me ready. Frequent coaching calls and listening to my feedback from each session allowed Amy to make an individualised plan to support my goals. There was feedback from every session I completed and she asked how I felt/how well I had recovered from each to plan for the next, allowing for alterations to be made. She looked into the event I was doing and tailored my plan to allow me to complete this in the best possible way which really made a difference on race day. Couldn’t recommend Amy enough, whether you are a beginner or advanced runner she caters for everyone. Very high quality coaching."

Nicole Campbell

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A personalised training program will be created based on your current level of fitness and future goals. This plan will be reviewed regularly and can be adapted around other life commitments. 

monthly calls

You will get regular feedback on your sessions with monthly coachings calls that provide an opportunity to review progress and ask any running-related questions.

watch syncing

Your training plan will be delivered via the coaching app, Final Surge, with the option to download sessions directly to your running watch.

form critique

You will have the option to have your running form and technique reviewed via video with feedback on drills that can be incorporated into your training plan to improve performance. 

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